About Us – Info for Clubs

On The Clock is an independent and privately run booking service that allows clubs to take bookings online, including taking payment for bookings online. This allows clubs to reduce cost by automating the booking process.

How On The Clock Improves The Trialing Experience

Save money & time

By allowing trainers to make bookings and pay for bookings online, club staff no longer have to be on the end of a phone with a trial schedule nearby. This frees up personnel and makes the booking process clear and concise for trainers and staff.

SMS reminders & alerts

Automated sms reminders of upcoming trials are sent to the trainer. This reminds trainers of their scheduled trial time and provides the club with a cost effective and up to the minute ability to send out important alerts that may affect the trialling schedules.

Eliminate dead time between trials

Our system only opens up booking periods once the previous booking periods are filled. This means less time waiting in between trials, more flexibility for trainers and fewer resources wasted by clubs.

Organisation of trials

Clubs can download the current bookings in a table format, showing who is trialling, what distance and when allowing the appropriate allocation of staff and other resources.

Generate stats on-demand

Clubs can download stats on key aspects of trial bookings such as how many bookings over a period of time, how many dogs on average per booking and any other relevant information. Trainers will be able to provide feedback to ensure both parties are satisfied.

Trainer satisfaction

Gives trainers the flexibility of knowing when they are trialling and the ability of organising their schedule by accurately knowing when they are going to trial and how long they will be at the track.